Classic Parisian restaurant mixed salad with ham, mushroom, cheese and egg

Parisian Restaurant Style Mixed Salad

Mixed salad served at Parisian Restaurants. Traditional French dish, a staple of Paris brasseries & bistros using local ingredients: button mushrooms and ham.

pink deviled egg flavord and dyed with beetroot

Pink Deviled Egg with Beetroot

A variation of the deviled eggs – called oeuf mimosa in French – with hard-boiled eggs nicely colored with red beet. Delicious, so elegant for Easter or fancy starter.

Egg en cocotte with blue cheese, French recipe

Egg en Cocotte with Blue Cheese

The French love œuf cocotte. So fancy and yet so quick and easy. Very tasty with blue cheese and sautéed shallots that balance cheese.

French frisée with bacon egg and croutons

Frisée with Bacon, Crouton and Egg

Salade Lyonnaise, this regional mixed salad is a classic of French Bistros and home cooking, perfect starter or served as a meal-size dish. You’ll love it.