Origin of easter tradition why we eat chocolate eggs, belles and rabbits

The Origin of Easter Chocolates

Do you know why we eat chocolate eggs at Easter? Where does this tradition of decorating, hiding eggs but also rabbits, chickens, fish, fried foods come from…

tutorial on how to fold crepes

The art of folding crepes

An overview of all the different ways you can fold crepes, whether sweet or savoury, garnished or not. Classic and more original.

Candlemas, crepe day in France History and traditions explained

Candlemas, crepe day in France

Eating crepes during Candlemas, each year on February 2, has become an institution in France. Have you ever wondered why crepes? And what exactly is Candlemas?

French traditional christmas menu

Traditional French Christmas Menu

Here is the ultimate guide of dishes and drinks to celebrate Christmas like in France. You’ll see that traditions continues and discover what a classic “repas de Noël” feast looks like.